Ad Posting Rules

We don’t allow posting of any ads that are found fraud or illegal under the rules and regulations of National or International law and our terms of use and ad posting rules. Anyone found violating these rules will be subjected to action under our law or ad posting rules.

  1. One cannot repost the same ad twice or more in any category. However if the ad expires or any item has been sold one can revive the ad.
  2. The relation of the ad with its content must be genuine. Any irrelevant price or mislead for the given ad is strictly prohibited.
  3. As this is only the platform to show one’s ads, one will be showing their ads in public but are not allowed to use any false marketing ways or lines.
  4. One cannot post any stolen, illegal or fake things claiming them to be original.
  5. One cannot post ads which leads user to another website or downloading of any content. One also cannot strictly post images, link, video etc or any other graphic items related to violent or adult oriented or sexually explicit content.
  6. One is not allowed to post ads on wrong category. If one is confused or one’s ad may belong to different categories one can select the best category or Contact Us.
  7. One cannot post ads relating to prostitution or any other sexually violent activities or things.
  8. One cannot post any ads which directly points out or hurt the sentiments of any human belonging to any race, community, religion etc.
  9. Any ads asking user to join a program either to earn money or gift with end purpose of duping the user which also might be pyramid or referral marketing.
  10. Users violating ad posting rules and terms of use of our site will be warned, deleted, blocked or might get reported to any law enforcing agents or authorities depending upon the basis of violation.