CG Chaudhary Group

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CG Chaudhary Group
Kathmandu Koshi Province (कोशी प्रदेश) Nepal
Business, Wholesale & Distribution
1 Yr


Towards Sustainable Social Reform Chaudhary Foundation feels a strong sense of responsibility towards society and strives to build a better, healthier Nepal. We are committed to improving lives and strengthening our communities. Chaudhary Foundation was established in order to execute the social deliverables and social responsibility of the Chaudhary group in Nepal. Social innovation through community development projects is crafted in order to create a bigger social impact. It creates an optimistic bonding with employees, customers and with society. The Foundation currently focuses on Education, Disaster Management, Relief and Response, Enterprises Development, Skill and Livelihood Development, Health and Spiritual and Heritage Conservation initiatives across the country in 26 different districts that impact lives of thousands of people. Chaudhary Foundation aspires to strengthen the country and helping the nation to reach its Sustainable Development Goals and to uplift the nation from the under-developed status to the developing nation status.


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